A capital campaign is a both a critical path and watershed moment for a growing church.  The risks involved if not successfully navigated can hinder the effectiveness of the church’s ministry for decades to come.  There are a number of reasons a church should use an outside consultant to enter a capital campaign:

Greater Involvement

Historically, churches that use outside consultants have more people involved in the campaign, pledge and receive more money than those who do it themselves without guidance…often, 50% more involvement and giving.


Most churches need the resource of successful experience and counsel from an outside consultant when entering a capital campaign. His experience in witnessing and resolving problems and challenges that others have faced will guide the church around obstacles that hinder the campaign’s effectiveness.

Staff Assistance

The time and energy necessary to accomplish the goals of the campaign are intense.  Time and job restraints on the pastor and existing staff members call for additional help.  An outside consultant becomes a specialized “extra” staff member to serve the church during the campaign. They also serve as 'velcro' for any difficult situation arising during the campaign to insulate the leadership team.


A consultant brings to the table a fresh perspective allowing leadership groups to explore new possibilities previously overlooked.  A consultant’s involvement will add a more complete and objective analysis to the project.

Vision Casting

Guiding the church to the next level of productivity for the Kingdom, strategically led campaigns provide the platform for the church to dream larger dreams.  An outside consultant is a resource for the church to find the correct path to the top of the mountain in order to see the next challenge.