1. Experience
Our consultants are experienced leaders who have successfully utilized the Shepherds Group principles. They bring to each church a proven track record of accomplished fundraising for capital campaigns and church growth. Shepherds Group will pair your church and project with a consultant who can truly relate to your church and pastoral team.

2. Leadership
Shepherds Group will provide hands on support to pastor and church in leadership development and encouragement. Great campaigns uncover previously hidden leadership within the church body.

3. Support
Shepherds Group provides step-by-step, easy to use materials during training sessions for the capital campaign leadership and ministry teams. Additionally, sermonic and Bible study materials are supplied by Shepherds Group for maximum inspiration and stewardship education during the campaign.

4. Creativity
Shepherds Group believes that each church is unique in its congregational make-up and requires flexibility and customization by an experienced consultant team.

5. Objective Evaluation
Shepherds Group will calculate an objective spiritual evaluation of your church’s potential to reach your campaign projections.

6. Cost Effectiveness
Shepherds Group believes that capital campaign consulting should not be a financial burden or hindrance to the local church to accomplish their objective. Our consultants adjust their schedules to fit your church calendar during the campaign. Shepherds Group consulting fees are both modest and church-friendly.