Shepherds Group will guide your church to take each step with confidence, knowing that the success of your campaign depends on these principles.

1. Information
Shepherds Group operates on the principle, “God’s people given the facts will do the right thing.” Communicating everything about the campaign to the church is primary.

2. Inspiration
Shepherds Group believes that each believer receives personal inspiration from three sources: The Holy Spirit, testimonies of others, and anointed, persuasive, biblical preaching. When all three are linked, the church is poised for great results.

3. Inclusion
Shepherds Group will assist your church to capture the sense of ownership for your campaign. Great giving always follows the direction of the heart.

4. Involvement
Shepherds Group believes that the more people are involved and trained in leadership that the success of the campaign is heightened.

5. Intercession
Shepherds Group is committed to the principle: We are to work like it all depends on us, but pray because it all depends on God. When God’s people join Him in prayer, we not only experience His will but receive His best.