Shepherds Group will lead your church toward expansion in:

Greater Giving
Shepherds Group will become an encourager to the local church’s stewardship emphasis. Successful campaigns raise the level of commitment to the local church on many different levels including stewardship. Greater giving promotes the expansion of vision.

Deeper Caring
Shepherds Group assists the church to re-connect in ministry to one another and therefore produces a greater sense of fellowship within the Body of Christ on a local level. Deeper caring creates magnetic church ministries.

Equipped Leadership
Shepherds Group through training people assists the local church to capitalize upon new and fresh leaders for future growth. Equipped leadership underwrites quality ministry and dynamic maturity in the local church.

Shepherds Group provides the leadership necessary to focus the local church toward celebrating the joy of being personally involved in the advancement of God’s kingdom work. Celebration in the lives of God’s people becomes an invitation to those who seek a fresh encounter with God.

Expanded Vision
Shepherds Group assists the local church to realize their vision practically as God invites His children to stretch further, reach higher and become His ambassadors in their generation. Expanded vision calls once again for greater giving.