Dr. Richard Powell
Senior Pastor
McGregor Baptist Church
Ft. Myers, Florida

“I want to share with you, on behalf of our entire church family, what a wonderful experience we had with Shepherds Group. Not only do these wonderful people come in with a Bible-based ministry, preaching and teaching the Word of God, sharing the exciting opportunities that this new building would present to our church, but they also sat down with all of our financial leaders and gave us a good, honest estimate of what the funds were that we thought we could raise and then, stepping out by faith, how we could launch out and raise perhaps even more. Not only were we able to meet these goals but we exceeded them. If I were to go back to our church family right now and share with them that we were going to use Shepherds Group again or that we were going to have their leaders come in to fill our pulpit, to teach and to preach for us…Our People Would Be Ecstatic!”

Dr. Hollie Miller
Senior Pastor
Sevier Heights Baptist Church
Knoxville, Tennessee

“After seven consecutive years of capital stewardship campaigns, I was somewhat apprehensive about another three-year program. However, that was before I discovered the Shepherds Group. With the assistance of Shepherds Group, this has been our best campaign yet. Their fee is unbelievably modest, and their no-pressure approach church-friendly. But the results speak for themselves. We pledged $4.2 million. I highly recommend the Shepherds Group.”

Rev. Stephen Daily
Senior Pastor
Shadycrest Baptist Church
Pearland, Texas

“When our Long Range Planning Committee began seeking someone to help us plan a Capital Fund Raising Campaign, we were delighted to hear about the Shepherds Group. They helped to make this entire process a very positive and exciting experience. As a Pastor, I can give Shepherds Group my unequivocal and enthusiastic endorsement. As the Lord allows us to advance to the next phase of our Master Plan, I feel certain we will ask Shepherds Group to help us once again and I believe that you would be wise to seek their counsel and expertise.”

Rev. Charles Roberts
Senior Pastor
Denman Avenue Baptist Church
Lufkin, Texas

“The Shepherds Group consulting team just helped us complete our recent capital campaign, Touching Eternity.  We felt like we did actually Touch Eternity! They did a superb job in leading, motivating, inspiring and equipping our church to meet our campaign goal.  We had absolutely no problems; in fact, it was the most successful campaign we have ever had!  Our people were thrilled!”

Dr. Steve Bain
Senior Pastor
The Believer’s Fellowship
Corpus Christi, Texas

“Shepherds Group is one organization I can personally and highly recommend. Pastor, if you want to raise some serious money while at the same time saving serious money on consultant fees and miscellaneous expenses, this is the capital fund raising program for you.”

Dr. Gene Smith
Senior Pastor
Kingsland Baptist Church
Katy, Texas

“We have just completed a campaign in our church using the materials provided by Shepherds Group and had a wonderful result. To say it was more economical is telling only half the story. Through the employment of the Shepherds Group plan our fellowship was enhanced, lives were changed and the Kingdom was advanced. Our primary starting point for consideration was how we could contract a capital campaign, consulting firm and save money. It turned out that we discovered more. They know what the people are feeling and can speak to the heart. I can wholeheartedly recommend Shepherds Group for your next capital campaign.”

Dr. Wayne Dorsett
Senior Pastor
Perimeter Road Baptist Church
Valdosta, Georgia

“Using the consultants of Shepherds Group was one of the wisest choices our church has made. It was our first official capital stewardship campaign and it was important that it was a positive experience. The leadership and motivation provided by Shepherds Group brought our church to enter this program with great enthusiasm and unity. Because of the low key approach and spiritual integrity of Shepherds Group, our experience was not only positive but powerful! I recommend them without any reservation and plan to use them again.”

Rev. Keith Newman
Senior Pastor
Mission Valley Church of the Nazarene
San Diego, California

“How many churches avoid building because they don’t want the headache or expense of dealing with a professional fund-raising company? Fortunately, we found Shepherds Group. Our most recent campaign, using their consulting team and materials developed new leaders, strengthened our faith, and allowed us to achieve all our goals. Not many fund-raising campaigns can do that. The Shepherds Group principles were one hundred times better than any program I have ever used! I recommend them to you without reservation!”

Dr. Bobby Blanton
Senior Pastor
Lake Norman Baptist Church
Huntersville, North Carolina

“From start to finish, the Shepherds Group is program is for Fundraising is the best that I have ever seen. In previous campaigns our church used another professional group and a state conventional program. Both programs did well. However Shepherds Group provided to be the most efficient of all. The program is simple, well planed, and practical. It is sensitively designed to create a spirit of excitement throughout the church. We far exceeded our giving expectations.”

Rev. Gary Swaggerty
Senior Pastor
Second Baptist Church
Clinton, Tennessee

“Second Baptist Church began a building campaign in January 2001 with the assistance of Shepherds Group. The Shepherds Group provided us with the guidance to undertake our stewardship banquet, which took place in April 2001, greatly exceeding our expectations. Glory be to God! We are thankful for the Shepherds Group. We did look at other groups who work with church building programs, but the Shepherds Group seemed to be exactly what we needed as a church. I would not hesitate to recommend the Shepherds Group to any church going through a building campaign.”

Pastor Jeff Klingenberg
Senior Pastor
HighRidge Church
Fort Worth, Texas

“If you are considering a capital campaign this next year, please consider Shepherds Group.  We recently completed a campaign in the fall utilizing Shepherds Group and were overwhelmed with the results.  Their strategy and process is a Spirit-filled, God-sensitive approach to capital campaign fundraising.  There was no pressure upon our people to publicly verbalize their financial commitments or any kind of manipulation of our leadership team.  Additionally, their fee was very church-friendly and was at least 20% lower than other companies we interviewed.  Therefore, it is without reservation that I recommend to you the ministry of Shepherds Group”

Pastor Dan Steen
Senior Pastor
Prairie Lane Christian Reformed Church
Omaha, Nebraska

“From the very first phone call we were immediately impressed with the timely response and the enthusiastic personal connection.  Throughout the process we received great communication with our consultant from Shepherds Group.  Moreover, the plan they helped us establish was very well received by the congregation and worked wonderfully for our church.  It was more than fund-raising, it was a spiritual adventure, and the Shepherds Group helped us build unity and excitement in our church.  The success of our pledge drive only confirmed what we already knew—that working with the Shepherds Group was a good experience for our church, and it was the right decision.  Pledged $545K, Received $595K.”

Dr. Griffin Jones
Senior Pastor
Crossroads Fellowship
Odessa, Texa

“What an incredible experience our church had throughout our FOUR GENERATIONS – ONE FUTURE capital campaign as we partnered with THE SHEPHERDS GROUP and Dr. Curt Dodd.. After considering eight different capital stewardship companies and interviewing five, our development team was unanimous in selecting THE SHEPHERDS GROUP. Curt is an engaging, authentic, and dynamic leader, administrator and motivator.   Moreover, he was completely aware of what our church’s vision, purpose, and goals are.   He truly “came alongside” TEMPLE as a friend, counselor, and participant.  THE SHEPHERDS GROUP did not propose “their” package or agenda, but rather, partnered completely with our pastoral staff and lay leaders in embracing who we are and how to most effectively develop this campaignwith God’s wisdom and guidance.. We mobilized an incredible team, and THE SHEPHERDS GROUP provided great coaching, equipping, and a strategy that facilitated our surpassing our goals.   Great organization, cost-effective programming, clear communication, relevant presentations, and consistent engagement by THE SHEPHERDS GROUP made this a true spiritual experience for our church.  It was a complete “win” for TEMPLE as well as CHRIST’S KINGDOM.”

Sandy Mason
Senior Pastor
Desert View Bible Church
Phoenix, AZ

“It is with great enthusiasm that I commend Dr. Curt Dodd and the Shepherds Group for your stewardship campaign needs.  Curt is the whole package! He has lived on both sides of the fund-raising fence, as the consultant and as a pastor.  He gets it.  He understands the challenges and the opportunities that a pastor faces with a new campaign, and he really listens to how he can best serve your situation.”

“Curt is the definition of a good coach. He makes you do what you don’t want to do (because it is outside your comfort zone) to reach the goals you want to reach.  I would recommend him without hesitation. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.”

Randy Bond
Senior Pastor
Zion’s Church
Hamburg, PA

“We considered several different organizations, but finally decided on the Shepherds Group after a telephone interview with Curt Dodd.  We knew from that first conversation that while he could certainly help us think about stewardship from a fresh perspective, he also wasn’t going to give us any cookie-cutter answers.  And he didn’t. He came, got to know our unique circumstances, and us and he made us think about us, and our church and how God wanted us to provide leadership in the area of stewardship.  During the course of our time with Curt from one of the many conversations we had, I was convicted to speak about our church values. It was a dynamic, year- long series of messages culminating with the theme of stewardship. They were probably more challenging than I’ve ever preached before, and people responded well.  I really appreciated Curt’s insights, his availability, the resources he provided and the genuine care and interest that he demonstrated to my leadership team.”

Dr. Mike Sams
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Martin, Tennessee

“Curt Dodd and the Shepherds Group were extremely helpful in our capital campaign.  Their experience in capital fundraising along with their understanding of pastors and the churches they lead made them an invaluable resource.  They were readily available and easily accessible.  Their investment of time in our campaign made it a huge success.  They have my enthusiastic endorsement.”

Rabbi Ira Brawer
Ayts Chayim Messianic Synagogue
Boca Raton, Florida

“Shepherds Group customized an approach to our campaign that fit us perfectly. They complimented who we were as a congregation. Dr. Dodd and the Shepherds Group team served us with the highest integrity and godly principles.”

Al Wagstaff
Senior Pastor
King Solomon Missionary Church
Omaha, NE

“Shepherds Group was a blessing to our church. We would use them again!”

Dave Steinbeck
Lead Pastor
Crosspoint Community Church
Eureka, Illinois

“To God be the glory!  Our campaign goal was $600,000, but God brought in more than $1,000,000 to go toward the vision of what is NEXT at Crosspoint.  Curt laid out a clear path for our teams to walk on, and they were able to take that plan and run with it.  I appreciated how it was not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, and we were able to tailor our campaign to our context and culture at Crosspoint.  This was our first capital campaign, and I was thankful to be able to draw upon Curt’s many years of experience and wisdom as we navigated these ‘unchartered waters.’”

Mike Lwin
Senior Pastor
New Hope Leeward Church
Oahu, HI

“It was a pleasure working with Curt Dodd of Shepherds Group.  In fact, we would highly recommend their consulting services to any church or ministry seeking a genuine partner in raising finances for the future.

What set the Shepherds Group above the rest was their sincere interest in what God had done in our church and their authentic zeal for what God was going to keep doing through our church for generations to come.  In The Shepherds Group we found not simply great insights for the campaign, but we found a church partner who spoke wisdom into all facets of our ministry.  Curt Dodd was an absolute joy.  His fun personality and great people skills made it feel like he had become one of our staff members.  However, his wisdom and years of ministry experience allowed God to use him as not a staff member but a shepherd to our staff.

Following several months of preparations by our staff and volunteers, many flights by The Shepherds Group to coach our efforts, and countless hours in prayer, our young church pledged over $3.1 million to our Promised Land campaign!  Considering the deep economic recession in Hawaii along with the humble demographic of our church members, this amount was clearly because of the greatness of God as well as the wise counsel of The Shepherds Group.”